Tourism & Hospitality.

We understand that running a hospitality business demands a lot of responsibility, running around, and being on one’s feet so sitting in front of a computer all day to handle everything just doesn’t work. With the combination of your business knowledge, and our experienced development team, IDSYSEG specialists can design a software solution for your hotel or any other culinary endeavor. Applications can improve and streamline essential processes for both businesses and customers.

How our APP Can Serve Your Business

• Providing direct booking and aiding your staff and clients by saving time; • Inviting your customers for special events and making your location more popular; • Providing advanced booking with clear pictures • Increasing client loyalty via special bonus codes and speeding up your ROI; • Advertising new menus and thematic events and getting more new orders; • Organizing online deliveries through an app, while keeping your venue free for other visitors to maximize profit; • Auto reporting and saving you time on profit and loss analysis; • Having business transparency and relevant calculations readily available for each and every working day of operation.

our applications from IDSYSEGare made specifically to solve all your challenges, tailored to your requirements; they streamline operations, free up time, cut costs, boost revenue, and bring a whole new level of innovation to your business.

How you can benefit from creating a tourism app by IDSYSEG?
• Providing valuable information to key personnel or clients in a variety of ways: filters, searches, maps, navigation and structured places of interest for all your target groups; • Providing ease of usability for your customers by working with your app in both online and offline mode; • Including location recognition and custom maps to provide quick directions for places of interest; • Structuring places by categories and customer wishes; • Realizing expansive ad campaigns centered on promo codes, QR-codes and special actions for subscribers new and old;
What we can do to streamline your tourism business operations
Take full control over your business, identify bottlenecks in your operations, and streamline routine operational processes. Reduce paperwork, save time and use better reporting capabilities to help improve efficiency and planning. Do away with the clipboard, and start distributing and sharing reservations and event sheets straight from your mobile device.